Review: Wunderbird Birdwatching Clothing

Recently, I've had the pleasure of trying out some Wunderbird clothing. The two items I've been wearing out birding are the Peregrine long sleeve tshirt, and the Gyrfalcon hoody. Wunderbird is a company who have developed and created clothing for birdwatchers, and you can really see all the love and attention that has been put … Continue reading Review: Wunderbird Birdwatching Clothing


Wildfowl Bill Adaptations

There's no denying that wildfowl are very diverse in their plumages and colourations, but despite the different species being found throughout the world in somewhat large numbers, they all co-exist and live together. Wildfowl are very well adapted which enables them to live and thrive in the same habitat and location as another species, the … Continue reading Wildfowl Bill Adaptations

Eurasian Wigeon x Northern Shoveler Hybrid

It's always worth checking through wintering flocks of wildfowl for some abnormal or unusual birds. An example of this came yesterday when an unusual duck was feeding with the Eurasian Wigeon flock at Penclacwydd. With the strong winds, it was difficult to get much detail on the bird as the flock continued to feed behind … Continue reading Eurasian Wigeon x Northern Shoveler Hybrid

Kids: Bird treat making

Feeding the birds is a fun activity for children to get involved in, it's a way they can clearly see what they're doing is good by the birds eating and coming to the garden. There's a lot of different things you can make for your garden birds - the funest and messiest is definitely making … Continue reading Kids: Bird treat making

Lush Swansea opening evening!

It's been a long time coming but Lush Swansea have moved store! From their cute and cosy little store down on Whitewalls, they have moved onto Oxford Street into a larger and more up to date store. The store still has that Swansea vibe with the wooden shelving and the ever so great staff, but … Continue reading Lush Swansea opening evening!