Live Shows

As well as Talks, Dan also is proud to present her own Live Shows which appears at many science festivals and nature festivals. Her most popular show ‘Brilliant & Bizarre Birds with Dan’ has sold out at every festival appeared at!

In this show, we look to explore the amazing birds with very unusual talents from around the world. It’s interactive, engaging and educational and a whole heap of fun for all ages! Primarily families attend this show but we do see the adults being just as engaged as the children! Have you ever wondered whether birds can vomit? Or whether birds can truly dance or have hidden talents – then this the talk you’re looking for!

This talk is ideal for families and children either from a wildlife background or a science one. Live show typically lasts for 40-45 minutes with time for questions at the end for our curious children to learn more!

In this show, we dive deep into our gardens and what wildlife we can find! We look at the different places to look for wildlife, what we are likely to find and how we can help the wildlife that are using and relying on our gardens. From tiny insects like the 16 different species of worm, to the slug-eating hedgehogs and the colourful varieties of birds! This talk aims to educate on garden wildlife and take our new-found skills to your own garden.

Ideal for science, wildlife or plant festivals. Live Show lasts around 40-45 minutes with time for questions at the end. Great for families and children!