Popular Talks:

Bird Conservation in Wales

An illustrated talk featuring tales of numerous consrevation projects in Wales including Red Kites, Manx Shearwaters and Ospreys. Wales is a beautiful location but also features large densities of breeding birds, in this talk we explore the birds that call Wales home and their declines and increases.

Seeking birds: A tale of bird conservation across the world.

Taking a trip around the world looking at the rarest birds, conservation projects and looking at declining bird trends. From the Vultures of Africa to the White-Headed Ducks of Spain and everything in between, we look at the species that have had large declines but also the species that are now back bring the brink. This talk features numerous locations that I have travelled to in order to see these declining species and meet inspirational conservationists.

Wildlife Gardening: Attracting all manners of wildlife

Different wildlife require different habitats, plants and homes. In this talk we look at the different plants to draw in bees, butterflies and moths to your gardens aswell as looking at the best homes and habitats to create in your garden, no matter the size!

Brilliant & Bizarre Birds!

This talk is aimed towards children and families and is popular for school assemblies and Science Festivals. Through this talk we explore the different birds that can be found throughout the world including the fastest bird alive, eagles that don’t quite look like eagles, the vomiting mothers of our cliffs and learn how these birds use their weird and brilliant adaptations to survive.

Children and Families

Making wildlife accessible for all is one thing, but making it interesting for all is another! Children are our future and getting them interested in wildlife is fundamental and getting the families on board too is essential.
Dan mainly focuses her talks to families and children to few subjects to ensure they are fun, engaging and interactive!

Wacky Wildlife: Explore the world one amazing animal at a time, from the ugliest to the deadliest, we will take a journey to explore them all with interactive segments and props!

Budding Nature Explorers: during this interactive talk we will look at the skills needed to be nature explorer and putting these to the test. We will also explore different adventures and ways we can engage with wildlife such as rock pooling, bug hunts and watching birds! This talk can also be adapted to be a guided walk or workshop.

  • School talks
  • Adventure or Wildlife Walks
  • Festival show
  • Live shows
  • Wildlife Making Workshops