Popular Talks:

Life of a bird conservationist

From a early career at 14 with surveying birds, to working with national organisations and surveying birds in other countries. Join Dan as she explores the stages of her career working with people to conserve the world’s birds.

Gardens for Wildlife

Different wildlife require different habitats, plants and homes. In this talk we look at the different plants to draw in bees, butterflies and moths to your gardens aswell as looking at the best homes and habitats to create in your garden, no matter the size!

How to attract birds to your garden!

Learn about the different ways you can attract a variety of birds to your garden. From the best selling book by Dan, we explore ways different food, feeders, bird baths and even plants can attract birds to your garden. With a multitude of examples and props, get all your garden bird questions answered!

Children and Families

Making wildlife accessible for all is one thing, but making it interesting for all is another! Children are our future and getting them interested in wildlife is fundamental and getting the families on board too is essential.
Dan mainly focuses her talks to families and children to few subjects to ensure they are fun, engaging and interactive!

Dan has a fantastic response to her wildlife walks having them featured at places like WWT and Margam Park, there’s a number of wildlife themed items on offer for children, with the below just being a few:

  • School talks
  • Wildlife Walks
  • Festival shows
  • Live shows