Talking to the masses!

From educating NGO volunteers on wildfowl to informing Ornithological groups on conflicts to save species and educating on the world of bird conservation and everything in between!
I’ve given talks to a number of different groups such as Ornithological groups, Natural History groups and to University groups on wildlife, wildfowl and conservation.

Educating the next generation!

As well as educating adults, I’ve done a lot of work with educating children, including talks to schools and classes, wildlife workshops and after-school clubs, also as shows and talks at festivals. For more information on children’s’ wildlife education, visit the Kids’ Corner page.

My talks are always developing and changing, above are some of the most popular. I’m open to discussing and developing talks outside of these! You can see what I’m up to by following me on social media @DanERouse

Popular Talks:

Wonderful Wales: Conserving our birds for future generations.

An illustrated talk featuring tales of numerous consrevation projects in Wales including Red Kites, Manx Shearwaters and Ospreys. Wales is a beautiful location but also features large densities of breeding birds, in this talk we explore the birds that call Wales home and their declines and increases.

Seeking birds: A tale of bird conservation across the world.

Taking a trip around the world looking at the rarest birds, conservation projects and looking at declining bird trends. From the Vultures of Africa to the White-Headed Ducks of Spain and everything in between, we look at the species that have had large declines but also the species that are now back bring the brink. This talk features numerous locations that I have travelled to in order to see these declining species and meet inspirational conservationists.

Mucky Ducks: Diving into the world of hybrid and intersex wildfowl.

One of my favourite topics is wildfowl, but I also love hybrid wildfowl! Looking at what makes a hybrid and how to identify dominant and intermittent features and determining parent birds. Also, human’s interference with wildfowl to create the best bird for the job and how that has now affected wild populations. We will also explore intersex, leucistic and mellanistic birds and looking at their features and patterns.