Dan is a passionate presenter, wildlife conservationist and ornithologist from Swansea, Wales. Having grown up on the South Wales coastline, her life passion for coastal birds and wildlife, as well as wetlands particularly wildfowl thrived and has shaped her life. Since these childhood years, Dan has gone on to be wildly respected in the birding and Welsh community as an advocate for ornithological surveys and conserving wildlife. She features frequently on BBC Radio Wales/Radio Cymru, Welsh TV as a nature and ornithology expert. Whilst also working for others, Dan fronts her own Live Shows, travelling the world to educate families and others on wildlife and conservation.

Dan’s live shows

Wild Space

Wild Space is a project launched in 2017 by Dan. It seeks to explore the wildlife and biodiversity found within a garden. Through this project, Dan creates online videos, tutorials and books on how to attract more wildlife to your gardens and explore the wildlife in hers. Fortunately Dan has been able to join forces with Wildlife World and charities to show what our gardens can offer and how we can improve them for our local wildlife.