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Learn more about Dan and her work from TV to Radio and everything in between! View the Cymru Naturiol page to see the vast amount of wildlife found within Dan’s garden, take a trip to the Youtube videos found at the bottom of each page. There’s featured products throughout the website to help you make the most out of your garden, birding and getting yourself lost in wildlife.
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Garden Wildlife

Discover what lives in our gardens by exploring the Garden Wildlife pages! Through this, you can discover numerous online videos – from expert advice to DIY projects – as well as books and online guides for a variety of different topics.. There are also cameras around Dan’s garden where you can discover the birds and wildlife living there and watch the videos to learn more about the wildlife’s stories from within the garden and others working alongside Dan.

Our aim is to have everyone thinking about the wildlife in their gardens, exploring different species and wanting to engage in the conversation of how we can all help wildlife. Did you know there’s also a Facebook group to join where we share stories? Click the link and find out more!

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