Israel 2018

Eilat, Israel was the destination of my first out of Europe birding trip which took place in March 2018. With highlights of Lesser Flamingo, White Breasted Kingfisher, Crested Honey Buzzard and Syrian Serin all seen!


Southern Portugal 2018

The annual venture to the Algarve in Portugal again took place in March 2018. This time focused more on the scenery and species on the coast including Crag Martins, Azure Winged Magpies, Kentish Plover and White Storks.

Breeding Displays!

I’ve witnessed many outstanding breeding displays from collection birds in zoological collections to wild birds.

Engaging and Inspiring the next generation!

My biggest aim is to encourage more children and families to be that little bit more wild! To get outside and explore the natural world more through workshops, walks and talks at events, nature reserves and schools.

Wildlife Highlights