Dan is a passionate presenter, wildlife conservationist and ornithologist from Swansea, Wales. Having grown up on the South Wales coastline, her life passion for coastal birds and wildlife, as well as wildfowl thrived and has shaped her life. Since these childhood years, Dan has gone on to be wildly respected in the birding and Welsh community as an advocate for ornithological surveys and conserving wildlife.

Dan is a huge advocate for garden wildlife and doing our bit to help the wildlife found within our area. She launched the Wild Space project in 2017 aiming to show the diversity of wildlife found within her garden using camera systems and creating online content on her Youtube channel, since this time the project has grown to be shared across a number of platforms such as BBC Radio Wales, BBC County Focus, Iolo’s Urban Gardens, and a number of other radio and tv shows have been recorded and filmed in the Wild Space garden. The project now also featured products and books to go along with the playlists and frequent series on Youtube: Wild Makes, Extra Footage, Expert Advice and Wild Adventures. Dan and the project also travels to festivals across the country showing how we can all get involved and care for the wildlife in our gardens.

As well as creating her own content on social media and online, Dan is featured in a number of TV shows and radio as an expert ornithologist and wildlife consultant. Behind the scenes, she has worked on a number of TV shows as an consultant ornithologist with her many years of working in conservation but also knowing Wales like the back of her hand makes her perfect for finding locations and people to help with filming.

Whilst Dan’s career and primary interests are birds, and additional wildlife. She also has a huge love for fitness having been a kickboxer from the age of 7 and ending it at 21 due to injury, she reached black belt level and competing at world championships adding a number of medals and titles to her name. Her love for all things sci-fi and fantasy is huge throughout her home in Wales, having a love for Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts aswell as Star Wars which she shares with her other half these are things that Dan loves to enjoy in her spare time but also she shared in her talks and live shows connecting the film and online universe to the wild universe using the creatures we know and love.