Seedball – easy wildlife gardening

For those of you who don’t already know, I love my garden! I love to encourage all types of wildlife into the wild space and I enjoy planting and growing my own.
So that being said, I’ve been gifted some Seedballs to show you the easiest way of encouraging wildlife into your garden so matter the size! I had the pleasure of chatting with the team and trying out some of their products; Butterfly Mix, Bee Mix, Urban Meadow mix.DSC02886.JPG

Seedball, owned and created by Project Maya creates some of the most amazing products that are so easy to use for inexperienced, time restricted people and even families too. The team have conservation backgrounds and this is definitely shown through their work, all products are made in-house and dispatched to their stockists aswell as their online store. The Butterfly Conservation Trust and BumbleBee Conservation Trust both recommend their Butterfly and Bee mixes and having been using both mixes for a couple of months, they are already attracting both bees and butterflies to those patches in my garden!
The team have developed the products over time, originally the concepts were different but now have improved germination rates and great for wildlife.
What are they?
Seed balls themselves aren’t exactly a new concept but SeedBall is bringing them back, they are soil and clay based 1cm sized balls with around 100 seeds in each ball. They are dead easy to use, just chuck them into the garden or plant in a pot leaving them uncovered and water regularly! They are packaged in cute little tins which can easily be recycled for storage of your new seedballs which you can create yourselves using their Make Your Own kits, these kits are a great idea for engaging children in gardening and caring for wildlife – who doesn’t like a messy activity! 20289908_10203856366646015_986118061_n

It’s not just wildlife mixes they sell, you can buy a variety of meadow mixes but also Herb and Salad balls – so they aren’t just good for wildlife, but can be good for you too. For those of you who don’t have time to sit and plant your own salad and herbs, just chuck these into a pot and watch them grow.

I would definitely recommend these for anyone wanted to attract wildlife into their gardens. They aren’t expensive either which the average tin coming in at Ā£5.99 and you get 100 seeds per ball with the samples I had, had 8 balls in each – that’s a lot of wildlife friendly plants! Did I mention they’ve won Gift of the Year 2017 and Garden Retail Awards 2017 plus have been awarded the RHS Perfect For Pollinators badge?!

Check out the quick video on Seedballs in pots from my Youtube below:


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