Wales’ Red Kites

If you visit Wales, the one bird you are guaranteed to see is the red kite. Found throughout Wales, the red kite has become a national bird for Wales, but it wasn't always the case. Around the turn of this century, there were an estimated 10 pairs left in Wales, mainly in the mid-wales area. [...]


Kids: Bird treat making

Feeding the birds is a fun activity for children to get involved in, it's a way they can clearly see what they're doing is good by the birds eating and coming to the garden. There's a lot of different things you can make for your garden birds - the funest and messiest is definitely making [...]

5 easy Wildlife friendly plants

Gardens can be easily adapted to home Wildlife of all kinds, the simplest thing to do is to introduce some wildlife friendly plants to your gardens. The plants listed below can all be grown in either a border for larger gardens or can be grown in pots - ideally, you'll want larger pots or trough pots [...]