Lush Swansea opening evening!


It’s been a long time coming but Lush Swansea have moved store! From their cute and cosy little store down on Whitewalls, they have moved onto Oxford Street into a larger and more up to date store. The store still has that Swansea vibe with the wooden shelving and the ever so great staff, but now they have room for demonstrations, consultations and room to try before you buy! A little information about the new store; everything from the boards, to paint, to internal materials, are SKA rated meaning nothing has been tested on animals and the designing was intended to eliminate wastage and able to recycle materials when needed.
The classic wood features and boxes are FSC certified with reclaimed wood and vintage buys have been used in the decor, and any not reclaimed have also been FSC certified. Most impressively, the LED lighting scheme and Zero VOC Eco label paint is used throughout the shop – how impressive is that?! Not only are LUSH products completely eco-friendly, not tested on animals and ethical, but their stores and running are too!

The classic products have had their displays revamped with headers to make it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for. New products have shelving in the front window, the new Jelly Bombs have cute little sacks as you walk in, the scent is still strong in the air with the bath bombs being right as you walk in but noticeably there were a lot of other bath bombs and bath melts that the store hadn’t stocked before but took centre stage on a long display.


Going back to the Jelly Bombs, these are the new craze from Lush that everyone is raving over! We had a couple of demos of three bombs; Dark Arts (inspired by Harry Potter), The Big Sleep and Green Coconut. Using the new demo sinks in the front, we were shown how these new bombs work, the scent of all three was great with Dark Arts being my least favourite of the three but all had a good scent that even held when fizzing in the tub. I’m still unsure how I feel about these, they didn’t feel like thick jelly but the water consistency did change to be thicker, Dark Arts, in particular, left your hands with a black tinge so not convinced that I would enjoy them. A couple of the bath bombs that are leaving us were still around in the store with some Kitchen Exclusives namely Metamorphosis on display too! We were even privileged enough to make our own Intergalactic bath bombs to take away with us.


I cannot thank Lush Swansea enough for their amazing hospitality and for taking the time to do this Event evening! It was an absolute blast to be able to meet so many other bloggers and to dive into the products with the staff to chat about everything in so much depth! Seriously, if you ever want to know what the best product is for you, you can just describe what you’re looking for and they’ll be able to recommend the best things for you to try and even let you give them a go before you take them home. Also, a major thank you for the goodies we were able to take away with us, a couple of products that I’ve tried in store but were a bit reluctant to buy as I wasn’t entirely convinced I would continue to use them after the first week but luckily they were in my goody bag; this included; the New Cheer up Buttercup, Rocket Science, Scrubee and NEW shampoo bar in a snazzy tin.


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