Start of Nesting season!

Spring and Summer are my favourite times of the year, the birds are in full song, displaying and then the nesting begins!

I’m part of the Nest Recording Scheme for the BTO which means I check nest boxes and nests to monitor the progress. I currently have 42 passerine boxes and some other boxes at one site (Let’s call that Penclac) and then my wader nesting sites, I’ve been checking the nest boxes at Penclac and the progress is outstanding! Out of the 42 boxes, there are around 35 boxes with nests in and on last weeks check, we found there were 6 boxes with eggs! The species are very varied and all the boxes are either Robin, Great Tit or Blue Tit, the aim of the study is to see whether there is a need for boxes on our site or whether there’s enough nesting spaces for all the pairs, with the number of boxes in use there was a clear need for more nesting spaces.


31 Robin April
Robin box with 5 Robin eggs inside.

The other site I monitor is a wader nest site which I visited today to see whether things had settled down, you could hear the calls of the Lapwing as you entered open areas and throughout the visit I had recorded 9 displaying birds, this means that hopefully they’ll be pairing off soon and begin nesting. There’s also Ringed Plover and the odd Redshank that nests at the site aswell. I’m going to be BTO metal ringing the chicks which hatch on this site and any other wader nests I come across and monitor, the numbers at two wintering sites in both Carmarthenshire and the Gower are astonishing so I was intrigued to see whether these breeding birds will stay at these wintering sites and will return to nest in the same area or whether they just find suitable habitat and nest there, will also be good to see whether they follow the nest selection of their parents and where they were hatched and then nest in similar habitat themselves or whether they will find a place of their own.


Lastly, the two Blackbird fledglings from my garden are now out of the hiding places in the bushes and are coming to the feeders where mum/dad drops food down to them, they’ve just started to fly and are very mobile around the garden now. I still don’t exactly know where the nest is but aslong as the fledglings continue to come then I can’t complain.

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