Latest on Garden Watch

I’ve now finished most of the construction work for Garden Watch ready for the cameras to go up. I’ve finished building the last feeding station today, I’m extremely keen on recycling so the new station is made out of my old swing set, a recycling box and
decorations from my mum’s old table. This station will hold the larger perched feeders and will aim to change the front feeder often.

12498460_10201664247804414_160021319_nI now have two main feeding stations, the sign post feeders and the apple tree feeders, this should spread the larger birds such as jackdaw, starling and collard doves around a bit more so the smaller birds get more of a chance! I also have installed a couple of wall feeders close to some trees, one of these was an old broken nest box which I haven’t have time to fix so instead changed it to a feeder which the robins have taken to.

I’ve also built a small mammal feeding station which I hope will attract some mice or voles, I’ve had a suspicion that we have some wood mice in the bank because there’s been a couple of holes appearing and nibbles taken out of a couple of peanuts on the ground which fit with the markings for wood mice, but we shall see!

12825265_10201661723181300_476915693_n  12804471_10201661667219901_294463135_n

I didn’t want the station to look ‘box like’ so I’ve adding some features to make it look more natural, since the images I have also covered the walls in mud and added a catch on the front to secure the lid.

I have two nest boxes installed in the garden already but one is facing south and the other is facing east which doesn’t do them any good but they’ve been up for years and the house sparrows have nested on top of one so I’m reluctant to move them! SPC Wildlife gave me an amazing looking log tit box which I’ve installed correctly on the back fence, this one has a hinged lid for cleaning out and will also enable me to ring the fledglings! It had a flat roof, so I’ve drilled a hole in the side where I can fit my endoscope through to monitor the nest (Should I get one!).

I can’t finish this blog post without mentioning SPC Wildlife and they’re generousity. They have become official sponsors of the ‘Garden Watch’ project and have supplied me with a variety of feeds for the birds to try out.

I have a camera set up on the Sign post feeders at the moment so hopefully the videos will start to come in!

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