Identity Crisis & Plans for 2017

For the past year, I have been running two Instagram account and two Twitter accounts - I felt that I couldn't truly express myself through this blog because I wanted to keep it strictly professional, I have been taking advice from many people including my father and brother and have decided that I don't particularly … Continue reading Identity Crisis & Plans for 2017

Recent Updates & a new launch

I had debated the idea of writing a selection of blogs on updates of myself and what I've been doing but with a lot of things happening recently aswell as a lack of things to actually say, I decided to combine them all into one blog force, prepare yourselves! Article writing I have recently written … Continue reading Recent Updates & a new launch

Naturetrek Presentation: Awful start to an amazing night

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the Naturetrek Presentation night in Cardiff. The event was to showcase the amazing tours the three tour leaders there had to offer as well as enabling us to ask questions and view images from the tours. When I say I had an awful start, this … Continue reading Naturetrek Presentation: Awful start to an amazing night