World of Bird baths

Bird baths can seem a complex world when looking at the host of different varieties available. There’s a huge variety with different styles, different colours and different depths, but each of these designs have their benefits and we will dive into them!

Deep Baths:

Ideal to be placed in areas of your garden where there is a ramp or an area where critters such as Hedgehogs cannot fall into the bath itself. Why a deep bath? There are ideal for your larger birds such as Jackdaws, Woodpigeons, Blackbirds as they are able to get in and have a good wash. With these baths, ensure you put some stones inside as a ramp or perch for smaller birds to stand on or animals to use to climb out.

Image Credit – Wildlife World

Shallow Baths:

While deep baths are ideal for larger bird species, our small feathered-friends such as Blue Tits, Robins and Wagtails also need somewhere to bathe and shallow baths are the perfect offer. It’s still best to put some stone in the centre for smaller birds to stand on and some stones against one of the sides for mice and Hedgehogs to climb out of.

Image Credit – Wildlife World

Ground or Plinth?

You can put a bird bath on the ground, or have it raised up on a plinth – but what is the different and the benefits of both? Personally, plinth is the way to go as it avoids any non-birdlike creatures from falling in and also avoids any unwanted pets from using it as a hunting around your bath. Ground baths are good if you have an uneven surface where you can dig into the ground to level your bath, although a plinth can also be used in the same way.

Image Credit – Wildlife World

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