Live Shows


I have the pleasure of doing a number of talks to organisations, schools, 


groups and societies about a number of topics. I mainly focus my talks on either my experiences in the wildlife world including trips, sightings and adventures. For children and families, I have done talks about amazing wildlife that I’ve come across and also have done talks about what I do and how I’ve got here as a STEM Ambassador to try and inspire the next generation. 

I have also run and done Wildfowl training courses on how to identify Wildfowl, their behaviours, how to breed certain species, and have also done talks on one of my favourite topics; Odd Wildfowl – hybrids, pigment mutations and intersexed birds. Talks can last from 30minutes to 2hours depending on the topic and audience.

Live Shows

Live Shows are ideal for Festivals, Conventions and also for schools and external clubs. Their idea and the aim is to educate families, enthusiasts and children about certain topics but in a fun and engaging way and chances for people to get up close to a host of items. Both shows are easily adaptable to be featured as an exhibition as well as being done as a show on stage. Typically lasting 45minutes – 1hour. 

There are two shows that I offer:

Wacky Wildfowl: Featuring a host of props including skulls, wings, feet and feathers, this show is all about how wildfowl have adapted to their surroundings and habitats for them to be able to co-exist. There’s a chance for children and families to touch and have a feel for all the items and get a real good look at the aspects that make each species an individual, from the serrations on a Merganser’s bill to the webbing on a Swan’s foot and everything in between! Can be adapted to feature requested topics to fit into badges or school topics.

Amazing Adaptations: This talk is similar to the above but instead focuses more on all wildlife. It has less emphasis on the wildfowl and side but features some amazing adaptations from insects, mammals, arachnids and of course, birds. Some special guests will also be making an appearance to aim the explanation as to whether some creatures they are prey or predators and how their adaptation can help them, there is a chance for people to handle the creatures but would have to be confirmed first as there are a few guidelines to follow and is suitable for smaller audiences for the handling experience. The talk is suitable for any ages but handling suitable for 5+ as some are rather large! The familiar box o’ bits will also feature in this show.


Children’s Activity Sessions

Activity sessions are ideal for after-school clubs, external groups or for events for families. These sessions comprise of activities such as minibeast hunting or doing surveys for birds or butterflies/dragonflies with activity sheets provided to aid the learning on the session. There is also the opportunity to make something to take away with you relating to each theme such as Seed Bombs full of Wildflower seeds, Fat Balls for birds to eat in the garden, Butterfly feeders and Minibeast homes. They can easily be adapted to suit any topic and planned out for any ages. Activity sessions are suitable as a station at a children’s fair or as a planned session for a group usually lasting 45minutes.



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