Wild Spaces (#WildSpaces) is a project I launched 13625132_10202147888495129_1459056836_nin 2016 to share the wildlife wonders I have in and around my garden. The project is going from strength to strength with new visitors from both the human and avian kind.

I use the Hashtag #WildSpaces on social media to talk about what’s happening in my garden. I love to see what others see in their Wild Spaces, so would encourage others to use the Hashtag too!

Project is supported by

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My garden is currently filled with:

  • Standard Feeders
  • Peanut Feeder
  • Tray Feeders
  • Holed and Open Nest Boxes
  • Hogitat
  • Mouse House

Wild Spaces blogs can be found here

My Wild Space garden has been discussed on BBC Radio Cymru on the Sian Cothy show.
It’s also been featured in an S4C TV Series – urban wildlife with Iolo Williams.

Wild Spaces playlist with all videos!