Wildlife Education

Wildlife Education is a huge passion of mine and it’s where my love truly lies. My love for Wildlife Education began whilst working for WWT leading school sessions and families activity sessions, it has since blossomed into doing my own talks and activities privately and has now developed into a business of mine. The work that I do with my creatures is not just a travelling petting zoo, they are creatures with backstories, evolution perks and amazing adaptations which are then used as teaching aids, children and adults alike are sometimes able to handle the animals (depending on the ages) but these sessions are not just a fun opportunity to cuddle pets but are a great educational tool full of amazing exotic creatures!

My sessions are full of science and most importantly, fun! The sessions are aimed to show you the amazing perks and adaptations these creatures have and also to get everyone involved including the adults!

I’m currently operating around South Wales and Bristol. 

I am qualified in Children’s Learning and Development with vast years of experience in the Wildlife Education field, I also have years of experience teaching and working in the field of Conservation and Aviculture, and have a huge passion and experience of working with Wildlife. I am also DBS Checked and have Public Liability Insurance, both of which can be provided before a booking. Also am a STEM Ambassador and conducting sessions via the STEM Ambassador programme. I also have vast experience and qualifications teaching SEN.

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Foundation Phase: There’s a number of topics that my sessions tie into for Early Years and Foundation Phase learning, the most popular topics are Woodlands, Minibeasts, The Environment and Animals. I’m able to bring some creatures to your location and run sessions showing off all the creatures and providing educational information about the creatures including their behaviour, habitats and looks. These sessions are very enthusiastic and engaging, and not to mention very very fun! They include lots of actions, noises and props to aid in the education. These sessions can last anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of creatures wanted, the depth wanted and the age of the children. This session is ideal for one class but can be adapted for assemblies. 

Key Stage 1: A number of Cornerstone topics and curriculum topics are perfect opportunities to have a session brought to your school. The sessions I offer can be adapted to suit your topic which can be delivered at different levels and includes different creatures to suit. These sessions are still very engaging and include the opportunity to handle some creatures during the session should you wish. The sessions cover topics which involve adaptations, habitats, and all things that make these creatures so different and amazing! Ideal sessions would cover one full lesson usually 50 minutes to 1hr and ideal for one class of children at a time.

Key Stage 2: Ideal for sessions such as Animals, All Things Living and Our Planet. These sessions go into even more detail than the previous sessions and include more reading and writing skills, these sessions include some more unusually adapted creatures which can be handled also. These sessions fall into your science topics on the curriculum and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your topic and school. Sessions typically last 1 hour but can be suited for 2 hours also to include more information and more creatures. 

Please note: Sessions can be adapted and suitable for SEN classes should that be preferred.



Adaptations, Biological Structures, Enzymes, Habitats, Evolution… these are to name a few topics where my sessions will provide educational support and hands-on experience for the children. Sessions are ideal to be conducted during your Science classes and are adapted to suit different years and age groups as well as GCSE classes. Different creatures will be brought in to show different adaptations that creatures can develop with a lot of depth and details added to enhance the educational experience. To get the most out of your experience, I would recommend doing these sessions over 1 hour, or 2 hours if more creatures are preferred, ideally the classes would be less than 25/30 children, and less so should you wish a more hands-on experience such as GCSE class sizes of 20 children.

 External Groups

Although sessions are not specifically done to a curriculum or educational topic for school learning, they can be brilliant educational sessions just for fun learning for external groups such as:

  • Cylch/ Preschools
  • Brownies, Scouts, Cubs and Guides etc..
  • Wildlife Clubs at Not-For-Profit Organisations such as RSPB, WWT, Wildlife Trust…
  • Summer schools
  • SEN/ External Teaching Groups

I will, of course, bring members of the team along with me, the session would be best suited to children in a group of 20 or so, should you have more then a sit-down session can be conducted instead. Handling can be done without a problem but a smaller group would be preferred if you wish everyone to get a turn.


30 minute sessions                          £20.00

1 hour sessions                                £50.00

2 hour sessions                                £75.00

fuel charge applies at 20p per mile after 15miles.

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