Online Content

Dan creates a lot of content for other accounts on social media including: Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, The Wildlife Trust, Welsh Coastal Path and many more!
It’s a huge tool in your toolkit these days to use your social media to your advantage and Dan uses all her presenting, wildlife and communications skills aswell as her personality to bring an extra spark to your feed, stories and videos. It’s something that is a huge passion of Dan’s and she loves to create new content for Youtube, social media and a love for Instagram stories!

Talking about the differences between British and Spanish Bluebells on WTSWW Instagram stories


Currently open to freelance work for Writing, TV and Radio work. See below a list of recent work:

I’ve written a number of articles for various charities and organisations, it’s a passion of mine and I love to share stories of wildlife, exploring and engaging with the natural world.

  • ‘Kids in Nature’ – Four page article in ‘Birdwatch’ magazine about myself being a young birder. (2016)
  • Wader Quest newsletter – Written for a couple of the monthly newsletter (2016)
  • ‘The Coastal Life’ – British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) blog (2016)
  • Wildlife Articles – Numerous articles for the site (2015)
  • Opticron – regular reviewer of products (2016-2018)
  • Welsh Ornithological Society E-News Letter – currently writing the e-newsletter bi-monthly. (2017+)

The Bay Magazine Swansea

In 2019, I began writing for The Bay Magazine in Swansea having my own pages dedicated to Wildlife in the area. Every month there is a new feature dedicated to a certain wildlife wonder:

  • Wildlife Watch: Winter Garden birds (February 2019)
  • Wildlife Watch: Natural Flora (March 2019)
  • Wildlife Watch: Holidaying Hirrundines (April 2019)
  • Wildlife Watch: May’s Fluttering Wonders (May 2019)

Thompson & Morgan’s Little Book of Garden Wisdom.

I had the pleasure of being asked to give some advice for gardens on how to encourage more wildlife into their gardens. It was a fun project to work on and pleased to be included alongside so many amazing gardeners too!

TV Filming

I’ve been interviewed on a number of News programmes in both Welsh and English about wildlife. I’ve also been featured in a Welsh tv programme about urban wildlife with Iolo Williams which continues to be shown on S4C on a regular basis.

  • BBC News – Interviewed about WWT Llanelli (2016)
  • S4C ‘Heno’ – Interviewed about World Wetlands Day (2015,2016)
  • S4C ‘Prynhawn Da’ – Interviewed about getting children into nature (2016)
  • S4C Iolo Williams series – Talking about Urban Wildlife (2017)

BBC Radio Wales/Cymru

I’ve had the pleasure of being featured numerous times on both BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru.
I’m mainly asked to be interviewed regarding wildfowl, Welsh wildlife, wildlife in general and what people can do to be involved with wildlife. It’s an absolute pleasure to be invited back regularly to help engage people with wildlife and there’s always hope to inspire others too.

Historic programmes:

  • BBC Radio Cymru – Live interview about Wetlands (2016)
  • BBC Radio Cymru – Live interview about World Wetlands Day (2017)
  • BBC Radio Cymru – Live interview about Garden Wildlife and surveys (2017)
  • BBC Radio Wales – Live interview about Endangered Wildfowl (2017)
  • BBC Radio Cymru – piece talking about garden wildlife and getting others into nature. (2018)
  • BBC Radio Cymru – Live interview talking about Vulture conservation and Israel bird race. (2019)
  • BBC Radio Wales – Talking about garden birds and putting up nest boxes. (2019)

‘Edu-Tuber’ Videos

My Youtube channel is filled full of fun-yet-factual videos thus making it an ‘edu-tube’ channel. In this day and age, people, especially children spend more time on their phones online than they do watching TV, this is why it’s great to engage with people on all platforms.

Through my Youtube channel, I am able to explore the wonders of our world and bring the wildlife straight to your device.

The aim is to bring people closer to wildlife, highlight conservation stories from around the UK and abroad and to give a platform to interesting wildlife which may not be featured all too much. It’s also a way to enthuse and educate a number of audiences on the great locations you can visit to see creatures in the wild.