‘Edu-Tuber’ Videos

My Youtube channel is filled full of fun-yet-factual videos thus making it an ‘edu-tube’ channel. In this day and age, people, especially children spend more time on their phones online than they do watching TV, this is why it’s great to engage with people on all platforms.

Through my Youtube channel, I am able to explore the wonders of our world and bring the wildlife straight to your device.

The aim is to bring people closer to wildlife, highlight conservation stories from around the UK and abroad and to give a platform to interesting wildlife which may not be featured all too much. It’s also a way to enthuse and educate a number of audiences on the great locations you can visit to see creatures in the wild.


Filming for S4C ‘Teifi Gwyllt’

In 2017, Dan was featured on a S4C TV show called ‘ Teifi Gwyllt Iolo’. The show was about all the different wonderful things you can find in urban areas.

Dan’s garden was featured in an episode along with Dan to talk about how she has encouraged a large variety of birds, butterflies, mammals, and insects into an urban garden through little work.