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Discover what wildlife lives in your garden by engaging with our helpful guides, articles and videos. You can even add more to your garden by exploring the range of products available. Our gardens are a prime hotspot for wildlife as we provide so much for wildlife on a small scale, there’s so much enjoyment to be had from seeing the wildlife in our gardens, and we want to share our sightings and wildlife guides with you!

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Check out the Live Cameras around the garden
from nest boxes, to feeders, from birds to mammals
there’s something for everyone!

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Kit out your garden!

Eco Beacon Bird Feeder

Hedgehog Haus

Artisan Bird Nester

How to attract birds to your garden

Want to know the best seed to buy? the best feeders to attract different species? what nestboxes to install?
‘How to attract birds to your garden’ is a full comprehensive guide to the different ways you can attract birds to your garden, split into easy to read chapters with plenty of DIY ideas!
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