Garden Wildlife

I am a huge advocate for garden wildlife, and actively transform areas of my garden to support life. 65f97-880456 With green spaces limited and gardens available to all, it’s only logical to adapt our gardens to support wildlife.

I launched the ‘Wild Spaces’ project in 2016 to highlight the number of wildlife found within my own garden, and updates online to help inspire people to add even the smallest of things for wildlife in their gardens. With new items being put in the garden and constant transformations being done, there’s more life than ever in the garden and I’m working with many organisations to help spread the word further.

Inspiring garden wildlife elsewhere:

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  • Bore Cothi’ Radio Cymru – Frequent ‘nature nerd’ on Radio Cymru talking about nature.
  • Teifi Gwyllt Iolo’ S4C – Featured on an S4C Tv Show about urban wildlife.