Cymru Naturiol

Cymru Naturiol is a project set up by Dan Rouse and Tadorna Tours in 2020 to rewild areas of Wales. The projects works with local people such as farmers, landowners, charities and councils to create spaces for the conservation of birds. We can all make a difference in the conservation world – Dan has, for many years, encouraged people to take care and provide a space for birds and wildlife in their gardens, but this project is on a greater scale.
We provide advice, resources, surveys and work with the landowners to plant, feed and provide nesting spaces for birds and homes for other wildlife too.

Want to be involved? You can view updates from all those involved in the project via the Facebook group, anyone can be involved.

We are extremely grateful to the Gower Society who have provided a grant for our Gower Tawny Owl monitoring and conservation work.

Adopt a Box

You can adopt one of our nest boxes and the money raised goes back into creating more boxes, installing cameras and creating habitats. Email: – £15 a year, you receive yearly updates on your box

Project Stories