Where it all began:

Born and raised in the City of Swansea in South Wales. My love for nature started at the age of 5 when I had a bird table built for summer hol &tardis 012.jpgme and was bought a guide book and a pair of binoculars to use on caravan holidays with the family. I started volunteering at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) Llanelli centre in 2014, and was then hired in 2015.

I started blogging in 2013 and haven’t stopped since. I love a good ramble and love to share the enthusiasm about nature. I’ve always loved to be outdoors so combining fitness and nature is ideal. I’m definitely an outdoors person and love to explore!

My Life Now:


I get the chance to explore the world and seeing all the amazing birdlife and wildlife that it has to offer, I’ve always loved to gain more knowledge of the world and love to read up on a place before I go. I currently assist in running the social media for the International Wader Study Group (IWSG).
I’m still humbled to work with brilliant companies on a frequent basis; Opticron and SPC Wildlife, and a couple of others on a less frequent basis.

I love sharing my passion for wildlife, I’m a usual interviewed nature-nerd on TV News programmes, and recently featuring in a TV series for S4C about Urban Wildlife. Also, frequently talking about nature on BBC Radio Cymru. I do a lot of writing for organisations and companies mainly online articles but have been featured in print too.

I have a huge passion for Aviculture and birds in general, so I’m extremely privileged to be able to work with birds on a daily basis in captivity with my job with WWT and then exploring the world seeing them in the wild.

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