Dan is a passionate conservationist, with a keen interest in ornithology. Having lived on the South Wales coast, she has a huge interest in wetlands, coastal birds and wildlife,  and regularly travels the world sharing her passion through her writing and videos.

Having grown up on South Wales coastline, I’ve always loved exploring the different wildlife found in the area, through delving into the shallow waters of the Gower rockpools or trekking around the cliff faces and pools of South Wales. I spent the most part of my childhood carrying around my plastic box aimed at rescuing insects and amphibians found in the house and local area, it was during this time that I discovered my love for conserving species and the uniqueness of many wildlife.

These experiences in my childhood have shaped my life and interest in wildlife, birds in particular, since then I have conducted surveys for NGO’s on birds and regularly found in hides or covered head to toe in thermals during the winter months watching and counting geese and wildfowl.  Aside from birds, another love of mine is bats, there’s something amazing about mammals having specific adaptations that enable them to be unique and bats are just that. I currently work as a News Operator for Birdguides and write articles for them and Birdwatch Magazine also, I love to write and spend a lot of my time writing articles for the aforesaid companies, other magazines and books, sharing my passion for birds and wildlife is what I feel so strongly about and is part of what I love to do.

I’m a frequent traveller and love to venture to places around the world in search of wonderful wildlife! I’ve had wonderful experiences from watching hundreds of Flamingos and watching thousands of raptors circling the desert sky in Israel, to sitting beneath the purple evening sky being bitten by midges and watching Short-eared Owls circling me waiting for the scream from Eagles Owls in Portugal.

On Screen & Radio

Ever since my teenage years, I have strived to share my passion for wildlife and encourage people to pay more attention to the natural world. I am frequently interviewed by BBC and S4C news programmes regarding opinions on wildlife events, wildlife or tips for the public, I have also been featured in a number of TV shows in both Welsh and English about urban wildlife. As well as being featured on TV, I have also regularly interviewed on BBC Radio Wales or BBC Radio Cymru regarding issues surrounding wildlife, seasonal wildlife and engaging the public. To take the engagement further, I also have my own Youtube channel and am an ‘edu-tuber’ aiming to educate people on all wildlife, perhaps those less mentioned and of interest to me.

Other Things of Note
Welsh Ornithology Society (WOS) –  Council member & E-Newsletter Writer
British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) –  Regional Ambassador for Carmarthenshire
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