SONY DSCHaving grown up on South Wales coastline, I’ve always loved exploring the different wildlife found in the area, having more access to areas means I can travel around in search of interesting wildfowl and the ‘oddballs’ of our world.

Another huge interest of mine is that of hybridisation in wildfowl, it’s something that has fascinated me since beginning to work in Aviculture how certain species will consider breeding with another species and how birds have been manipulated to produce “the best”. I love studying the behaviour of birds and changes over the year.

On Screen & Radio

I love sharing my passion for wildlife and am a usual interviewee nature-nerd on TV News programmes and recently featured in a TV series for S4C about Urban Wildlife. Also, frequently talking about nature on BBC Radio Cymru. I do a lot of writing for organisations and companies mainly online articles but have been featured in print too. I also have my own Youtube channel where I aim to inspire children and adults to get exploring the wildlife in our world.

Other Things of Note
Welsh Ornithology Society (WOS) –  Council member & E-Newsletter Writer
British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) –  Regional Ambassador for Carmarthenshire

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