Review: Wunderbird Birdwatching Clothing

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some Wunderbird clothing. The two items I’ve been wearing out birding are the Peregrine long sleeve tshirt, and the Gyrfalcon hoody.


Wunderbird is a company who have developed and created clothing for birdwatchers, and you can really see all the love and attention that has been put into the designs. Each item of clothing is created using a fine, quick-dry and breathable fabric which feel very lightweight when on but still continue to keep that warmth in, especially with the Gyrfalcon hoody.  On the side panels, there is also a ventilation material which served very well given the recent humid weather we’ve been experiencing here in Wales!

The thing that really caught my eye with these two items, and many others in the collection, were the number of areas for storage! Every time you touch the clothing, a new pocket appeared but didn’t pull on the base material or look unflattering when not filled with anything. The main pocket is found on the front of the item which is a pouch for you to put your binoculars in when around your neck in times when you don’t want them to get covered by rain or dust, other pockets on the hoody are either side of that pouch which I used to put my notebook and phone in which fits snug behind the pouch and didn’t give that overfilled look.

Another amazing feature which is definitely a stand out on all Wunderbird clothing is the padded shoulders! I usually carry my scopac with drinks, food and other equipment, my camera with 500mm lens and binoculars with me which means my shoulders and back take a bit of a battering, the extra padded shoulders meant that I didn’t feel any rubbing or strain on my shoulders at all. The only issue I have with these which is more of an aesthetic problem is that when you lift your binoculars to look at birds in the sky with the long sleeve tshirt is that the padding bunches a little and lifts the whole shirt up a little, which isn’t that much of an issue since the clothing are somewhat longer than what I would have expected as typically women fit clothing seem to be short and revealing if you lift your arms, which these thankfully aren’t!


The hoody has elasticated around the wrists but still using that quick dry material, but the best thing of all which is a major pet hate of mine in a lot of hoodies – there are toggled on the hood! The one thing that annoys me with so many women’s hoodies and probably a lot of men’s too, is that the majority of hoodies come with that string in the hood and don’t often tighten very well, meaning when you’re out in the evenings and you try to close your hood to stop the midges biting you, you either have to choose between breathing or seeing. These hoods, however, have toggles on the right and left side which means you can pull in and hold with the toggles and close the gap, it may only be a minor point to many but it has finally solved an issue which very much annoyed me!


Overall, I am very very impressed with both the Gyrfalcon hoody and Peregrine long sleeve. They are very well made, no doubt durable, very comfortable to wear and fit all purposes a birder would need with the padded shoulders and number of pockets for storage, not to mention they are reasonably priced too! I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to acquire more purposeful clothing for birding and general wildlife watching.

Check out Wunderbirds website here!


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