The nations favourite

There’s one thing that every Brit can agree on – we all love Strawberries! I’ve been growing my own strawberries for about 5 years now, but having to buy shop bought Strawberries during my time at Slimbridge, you can really taste the difference. My homegrown are very very sweet, the varieties I grow are Cambridge’s Favourites and Alpines, the shop bought were quite bland and very watery and for £2 a tub, it’s not a great bargain!

4 years ago I started off with 4 plants, and last year I had written a blog on growing your own fruit and my plants had grown up to 6. This year, after planting some runners and moving from a small trough into a box which is 3ftx3ft – I have reached a sweetening 30 plants which resulted in some delicious strawberries! Strawberries are the easiest fruit to grow, they take in any soil, any light, and any watering pattern, I water mine every week in the winter and every other day during the fruiting season. 20272132_10203837262208416_2073795277_n.jpg

From my 30 plants, I get 40-50 runners which I cut and grow an extra 20-30 plants a year. It’s a great way to save money on buying strawberries from supermarkets and to me, they taste a lot better! I’ve also found it’s a good way to get to know your neighbours, I swap my extra plants for other plants such as flowers and vegetable plants but with so many now I’ve started to sell them at local fairs just as extra money for buying soil. They’re a great way to introduce yourself to plants and a good way to save money and get children involved in growing their own fruit!



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