National Gardening Week

Yesterday, Myself, Sammy and Pam for the first RHS Spring show in Cardiff. This was the first time any of us had attended this show so didn’t know what to expect. Walking in, it was absolutely amazing with so much colour around and the smell of all the plants was so striking. We had a quick wander around before going for the Floral Marques which we (I’m not sorry for) spend hours looking at all the amazing plants and the 17857704_10154881706466329_287077883_n.jpgshowmanship and design that went into every display was breathtaking. We looked around and scouted out the places we wanted to return to later in the day to buy some plants. I was on the hunt for some striking centrepieces for my garden border, it’s been dug out an extra 6ft taking it from a 10ft border to a 15ft and now it’s at 21ft! I have a lot of shrubs, ferns and trees so wanted some striking pieces to stand out amongst them. There were some amazing displays with different types of species, for example, we came across a tulip called ‘New Santa’ which I had never seen before! We learned that there was a Traditional Plant Sell-off at 4pm, we had prepared ourselves for what we were on the look out for and split up. I headed down to the Tulip display where they were selling pots of 4 for £1, whilst Sammy headed for the smaller stalls. The queue was huge for the Tulips and had to wait an hour before it was my turn, between us we had bought 5 pots as I’ve never grown the larger variety so wanted a test run this season before buying much more next year! Overall, it was such an amazing day out and am definitely returning for next years.

To kick off National Gardening Week, on my Instagram I did a PlantParty! on my story Showing off what I had bought yesterday and how I am planting them into my garden. The main aim for me is to boost up the colour in the garden, there’s traditional bright red fence paint and a lot of trees and bushes around so I have to bring the colour with the plants. I had bright Tulips called ‘Sunny Prince’ and ‘Orange Bowl’, they were so striking, I do have a major soft spot for quirkiness so noticing these ‘Ladybird Poppies’, I just had to have them! Thre was plenty of freebies around yesterday and had two packets of seeds which got seeded today along with some Sutton seeds, they are all placed in my upcycled greenhouse which is made from an old porch cover I found at the tip when taking some recycling and some polycarbonate offcuts, again from the tip. It’s served me well for a good couple of years and seeds grow extremely well there but has gaps in the top so the freshair and some cold can get to them to make them hardy.

I love being out in the garden, it’s a place where I can escape from everything and just be in a calm surrounding. After finishing all the planting, I moved onto my fruit which are now coming into season. Quite a few of the strawberries are now starting to flower, I have an issue here with woodlice and caterpillars eating everything although I can’t complain since I encourage them into the garden but always looking for ways to make life difficult for them. To protect my strawberry fruit, I put straw/shavings from all the woodwork we do at work or at home so I collect it up and pack it around my strawberries to protect them – works so far! My Raspberries had a drastic chop in the Autumn since there pot they were in flooded, so they are now moved into the soil and out of a pot and they seem to be growing fine now.

I’m a major advocate for garden wildlife which means I do have a lot of wildlife zones in the garden. One of the most popular areas in my garden is the wall house, it’s some old wood which I knocked together to make a feeder with an old coat hanger hook where a fatball feeder underneath. The sparrows and Starlings absolutely love to eat from this area, so naturally, I put the SPC Wildlife table feeder underneath again where the Woodpigeons and mice like to eat from. I currently have 4 nestboxes in the garden in total, the SPC Log box is currently the only box with a nest inside from a Blue Tit pair which have been busy filling it up and at the moment it’s all lined ready for eggs! I would definitely encourage anyone to put up a nestbox into their garden, nesting spaces are declining and there’s something magic about watch life come about in a home you provided.

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