Review: SPC Wildlife Wild Bird Food Mixes

This year, I’ve been working with SPC Wildlife to encourage and educate people on garden birds and how we can help aid them. I’ve been extremely grateful to receive some of their brilliant Wild Bird mixes and some straight mixes such as Peanuts and Suet pellets. SPC Wildlife sell their seed mixes in three sizes – 4kg, 13kg and 26kg (however this is 2x13kg bags), all bags are extremely good value for money and 5% of the proceeds go towards a charity meaning we’re all supporting eachother, one way or another- how great is that?!

The first bag that I started to use was the ‘No Grow & No Mess Mix’, this is one of the 13625132_10202147888495129_1459056836_nmost popular mixes from SPC Wildlife, the perks of this particular mix is that it doesn’t cause a mess – of course you’ll get seeds thrown on the floor, if your garden is anything like mine then it tends to be the Collared Doves or the Jackdaws that makes the most mess but the Woodpigeons will soon clear it up. The seeds in this mix includes sunflower hearts, peanut granules and the usual suspects you would find in their mix, the perks of this mix is that the sunflower hearts are taken out of their shells so no husks to make a mess, and the seeds are unable to germinate meaning there’ll be no unwanted plants growing in your feeders or around your feeders. This mix is ideal for Tables, Ground and Feeders. I got a lot of attention from the birds using this mix, I found it very fine meaning you could get quite a lot of it in the feeders meaning you didn’t have to fill them up as much.

As the breeding season progressed, I moved onto the ‘High Energy’ mix as I have a number of birds who nest in the garden. With the added black sunflower seeds, you can attract a number of finches, I found that the House Sparrows particularly enjoyed this mix more than the ‘No Grow & No Mess’ mix, given that House Sparrows are declining- I will be sure to have atleast one feeder filled up with their preferred mix as I have a number of juveniles around at the moment. This mix, combined with the ‘Berry Suet Pellets’ are perfect for breeding birds or even winter birds who burn their energy either feeding their young or searching to find food. This mix is a lot bulkier than the previous mix and I have found that I’m having to fill the feeders up more regular.

Overall, for the quality and prices of these mixes from SPC Wildlife- I would recommend purchasing from them, by purchasing from SPC Wildlife themselves, you are helping a business, helping the avian kind and helping charities.


As SPC Wildlife stock a number of different products- I would suggest combining one of the above mixes with another product, the suet pellets or suet/mealworm mix are ideal to be paired with either mix to give your birds some much needed energy in the breeding season and during the winter. I wouldn’t suggest using the pellets etc on their own as you’d be going through a lot and you don’t want the birds to get too heavy or dependent on certain foods, treats are fine every now-and-then, right? Why not purchase a nest box and provide a home for those using your feeders? SPC Wildlife stock some trendy looking boxes and my personal favourite- the log boxes with camouflage into your gardens extremely well and look more natural.

Happy birding!


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