Growing season!

I love my garden, and I love to grow my own food. Now that the frost has passed, I’ve been preparing my gardening materials ready for the year ahead. This year, I have decided to grow some vegetables aswell as my usual fruit, I’ve made it a personal mission of mine to eat more veg and be healthier in general! 


The Fruit!

The general maintenance of my fruit plants was the first job. I cut back my Raspberry plant down to its stem ready for it to sprout more delicious raspberries, the Strawberry container got a bit of a trim down and a general tidy up since last year it was under a large tree and had a lot of leaves rotting down in it. I have also bought a new Blackcurrant plant to try and make some home made blackcurrant and apple juice. The apple tree has been trimmed down but I’ve left enough green to make a bit of protection for the birds on the feeders which are on the tree itself, I don’t use up a lot of apple since the tree has been here since I’ve been born so it produces more apples than I can eat/cook/bake/squash! Because of the frost my raspberry plant has been put under a plastic grow bag just to help it along a bit since it hadn’t grown at all yet the other plants were already sprouting, but its getting some green to it!

The Newbies!

As mentioned, I have decided to be healthier, for anyone who knows me knows that I am an extremely fussy eater but since I’m struggling to find food I can eat whilst on the go that isn’t take away, so I’m going to better my health!

I’ve got some salad leaves seeds growing at the moment since I love to eat salad leaves but not a great deal so this variety is perfect for the non-lettuce lovers! I’ve got some Maris Piper potatoes chicing, ready to get roasted/mashed since I don’t like boiled potatoes but these are perfect for making wedges with. I’m also attempted to grow carrots, I didn’t realise that there were so many varieties of carrots! But I love to eat carrots and the variety I’ve bought are small so I can slice them to put them in my salads or dice up for roast dinners. Lastly, are my onions! I can’t stand the smell or taste of onions but I love red onions, however, I am a excitable garden shopper and bought regular onions so I’ll be making a lot of meatballs and burgers. I think as a first time this will be enough, my family aren’t heavy veg eaters so I’m growing for personal gain but if I have a lot left over then I may be tempted to bag a few and sell.

I’ve also ventured into the world of jam and chutney making! Since I think I’ve been slightly optimistic with the quantity of fruit and veg I’m growing, I’m going to make chutney, jam, curds and sauces and sell a couple. I don’t like to waste food and the birds eat the apples but I don’t want the others to go to waste, so I’ll be posting with updates on how my garden is coming along, growing wise!

I mentioned in a previous post, that I was creating a Children’s Sustainable Garden for WWT which will be open for the public in May! The garden will be maintained by the children in the ‘Veggie Patch Kids’ club on a Sunday 11-12, there will be supplies provided for the children to get stuck in and grow fruit and veg for our onsite cafe to use to create yummy food! I’ve created almost everything out of recycled materials, there will be veg patches but I’ve created places for wildlife aswell! Bug hotels, lace wing box, bug box, robin nest box, bird bath and bird feeding stations! I love the place and I think it’s my greatest accomplishment and I can’t wait to post images and a tour once it’s finished!


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