Recent Updates & a new launch

I had debated the idea of writing a selection of blogs on updates of myself and what I’ve been doing but with a lot of things happening recently aswell as a lack of things to actually say, I decided to combine them all into one blog force, prepare yourselves!

Article writing

I have recently written a blog post for the BTO on living the coastal life and the wonders that happen here aswell as some thought to mentoring the younger generation of IMGsurveyors. Along with my BTO blog post, I have had the exciting opportunity to write a four page article about myself, the issues that young people face, what the older generation can do to help and what is out there to support young birders. It was such an amazing article to write and I loved writing it!

My writing style is more informal, I’m not a believer in the style of writing where you use such advanced words that you isolate half of your audience! Yes, scientific words have to be used at times, but atleast explain what it means to engage more people. I see my career going down the route of surveying/Data collection/Field Work, but I do love my writing, I’m by no means a journalist nor do I want to be. I enjoy being approached/approaching magazines that I have been offered the chance to write for, with my ideas and they deciding whether it would be suitable for that issue, I’m not a fan of the writing about a topic that you have no experience of, this is reflected in my blog. How can you convey passion, enthusiasm and excitement on a subject that is alien to you? The topics I write and blog about are topics which are dear to me and perhaps making this a side-career is a smart move and one which I would love to do, but to make journalism and writing about alien topics, is not a career path I have given any thought to.


Sunday, I am taking my first flight on my own to a place which sits very close to my heart. I will be traveling to the Algarve in Portugal, I’ve been going here for four years now but this will be my first flight and first trip without my mum but will be joined by espen. Hopefully, I will be able to brush up on some more species that I have missed on previous visits since this is a birding holiday instead of a family holiday. I love Portugal and the place I visit is a beautiful place to go. Be prepared for photographs of stunning birds, trip reports, video footage, underwater images and whatever else I can squeeze in! If you want to keep up to date: I will be updating my Facebook page and Twitter as much as possible (the links to both are on the right!)

June and July will see me traveling to Ramsey island just off the coast of Pembrokeshire to be a residential volunteer. My main tasks are to carry out the Manx Shearwater census, seabird census, field work and a lot of surveying work which is exactly what I want to do as a career! These months will be quiet on the online front since I won’t have internet but will be writing blogs for my blog, external sites (can’t mention them yet!) and possibly the odd article about my time there.


I can finally say that I am now launching my latest project: Garden Watch.

I have had the amazing news of having a sponsor for this project and will be featured on all of my social media platforms, my blog and even my revived Youtube channel. There are a number of people who currently run projects like this and I have felt inspired by watching WildlifeKate’s live cameras to finally take on the challenge and set up my own. I’ve been toying with my Trail camera for some time but have yet to take any footage with it, I’ve been busy building new feeding stations to spread the birds around the garden a bit aswell as making platforms for the cameras to sit on, picking locations for nestboxes and creating a small mammal feeding station ready for the launch of it. Although, I have now officially started the project, I won’t be setting up any cameras for atleast a couple of weeks which gives the birds a chance to scope out the feeders and give me something to film. I’ll also have a page on my site (on the nav bar) where you can keep up to date with news, photos and videos from the project but for all videos, Youtube will be the best bet aswell as my social media accounts where I’ll post news of when new material are being posted!


All exciting things are happening and I cannot wait for everything to come together and really kick off!

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